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Aug 22, 2012 1 Comment ›› timwolfe

On Tuesday, the 21st of August, Congresswoman Schakowsky was going to lead a protest
under the false premise that Mitt Romney was involved in the laying off of
170 employees at a manufacturing plant in Freeport, IL. Bain Capital is an
owner of Sensata Technologies, the employer who is reportedly planning to move
their manufacturing operations to China. Of course, Mr. Romney, who was Chief Executive at Bain, left the company in 1999, and has no responsibility for decisions made since then.

My opponent failed to attend the rally.  Too bad, because I would have been happy to challenge her had she shown up.

Beyond ignoring the fact that Romney had nothing to do with the situation
and attempting to generate publicity by taking advantage of a difficult
situation for unemployed workers, my opponent is completely ignoring the fact that
Illinois continues to lose jobs and tax revenues as businesses move to more business-friendly climates.  Her job, and the job of all Federal and state legislators, is to find ways of correcting the policies that create this result.  This is a challenge that I will enthusiastically address.

See: Eric Lieberman, State Candidate for 18th Representative District


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