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Energy is a critical issue for the American people, and current policies have increased prices and strangled economic growth.  I am committed to energy self-sufficiency by eliminating government micro-management in favor of free market policies.

The Department of Energy has become part of the problem.  Rather, than trying to second-guess future technologies and the energy markets by imposing politically correct development strategies, the Department should be committed to energy independence through innovation in enabling technologies.  New fracking technologies for natural gas and oil, for example, demonstrate that energy productivity and job growth go hand-in-hand, and a vigorous market is the way to achieve both.  If the Department of Energy does not play a productive role, and thus far it has not, it should be eliminated with the resulting savings to benefit the taxpayers.

It should also be noted that energy independence is essential to national security as well.  As long as we, and our allies, are dependent on distant sources of energy in unstable regions, we will be compelled to risk blood and treasure to secure resources that we have at home, and potentially in abundance!  Thus, productive energy policies lead to peace, prosperity and national security, and these are the policies for which I stand.